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Don't let it beat you and keep a positive attitude.

I wasn't diagnosed with CD until I was 35, but I started having problems with my gut in college and graduated with 2 degrees.

I was a statistical computer programmer and manager for 40 years.

In my last 25 years I worked for a pharmaceutical clinical research firm, so I got to see everything up front and personal.

I was lucky I never took a-day off due to my problems. Other than when I needed to have a surgery and I have had 5 over the years.

At one point, my doctor told me to try to find a 4 day 32 hour. Workweek job to keep the stress down.

After finding a couple jobs that offered me this I turned in my resignation but the company I was working for made a counter and allowed me the same thing for the same salary I made when I was working 40 hours.

I'm one of the lucky ones after reading all of the posts about job nightmares on this SR.

The point is don't let it beat you.

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