Hells Angels: Buzzard, Hambone, Big D, other Angels and their "old ladies" in 1965 San Bernardino.

Just for some background info for folks who are writing everyone off in these photos because of symbolism, etc.

Those symbols were in the 60's a sort of heritage at that point within bike clubs, and not just HA. Many of the guys that started the clubs were ex vets and took war prizes home with them, as well as helmets and the just wore the stuff. It's sort of like a soldier taking a knife or pistol from an enemy and carrying it.

In the 60's biker culture exploded in popular culture about the same time Hippy culture did. Counter cultures were sort of attacked by the media in many ways and that's why you have all of those (many) movies on crazy biker gangs overtaking towns. Really a lot of this stuff was propagated by Time magazine back when they covered the MC rally in Hollister, CA., and took a picture of the Pres. from the Boozefighters on his bike. They made up a bunch of crap that really wasn't true and it sort of set the pace for bike clubs in the future.

These 1% clubs were started by a bunch of disenfranchised guys who bled and went through complete hell for their country. They were, in reality broken, and used one another to lean upon. The group attracted more disenfranchised people and it grew from there. What many people are leaving out as well is that a good majority of these guys were in the Korean war, that everyone seems to forget about.

They may not be people that you would invite to your grandmother's birthday party, but I feel like many of the people here are just being reflexive and not writing from the perspective of a well-informed opinion. They used symbolism for shock value and to tell people to leave them alone. They didn't like this society and they decided to form their own. One they fit into and one that accepted them for who they are.

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