The Death Star battle from Star Wars Return of the Jedi (1983). Imagine being in the theaters and seeing this for the first time

Haven't watched this in years. Takes me back to when all I would watch as a young kid was Star Wars on VHS. I would fast forward to the start of the battle and just watch the space parts all the time. Usually while pretending to fly my Micro Machine Action Fleet model ships in the battle.

I remember when the Special Editions came out and the wave of new toys that followed. Christmas '97 was epic. My dad was doing well with his Masonry company at the time and made a lot of money that year. I got so many damn Star Wars toys that year, only Star Wars stuff in fact lol. Got a like box set of Kenner figures with the huge AT-AT for them with Kenner Falcon, X-Wing, A-Wing and both Regular Tie fighter and Vader Tie. I was 6 years old and in heaven... Thinking back on it I think my older brother (12 years older than me) influenced my parents on what to get me because it was a great selection of stuff.

I'll always remember that morning vividly.

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