A French man reacts to trying Coca-Cola for the first time (1950s)

Have you had Haitian Coca-Cola? I’ve not had French, but Haitian Coca-Cola is like Mexican Coke but just somehow deeper and richer. It’s really great. Granted Haiti is also hot as hell and hardly anywhere has AC so drinking an ice cold Coke in the afternoon is damn near a spiritual experience, so maybe it’s not as good as I think. But a buddy of mine who routinely flies from FL to Haiti and has traveled all over the world bringing people and supplies brings back a few cases of Haitian coke (and bags of Haitian coffee, which is also fantastic) with him and he says it’s the best he’s ever had.

Haiti also has a brand of beer called Prestige. It’s super malty and mixed half and half with coca-cola it makes for such a tasty, refreshing beverage. I basically lived off those things during the summer I spent down.

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