Kids being taught gun safety at an Indiana school in 1956

Would it make you feel better if I told you the vast majority of gun owners are not cosplay enthusiasts. Something like 90% of gun owners are like bike owners. They decided they where going to get into it. Over spent on something over hyped that under performs. And it sits unused taking up space except for the one time every other year when their buddy who talked them into it nags them till they come out. Of the regular shooters the majority shoot club level competition. For example I shoot NRL22 matches, benchrest, i dabble in pin shoots, and if everything lines up right i might try out F class this fall. Of the remaining group of regular shooters is the retired old fart. They have nothing else todo and eventually become range masters so they don't have to pretend they are going to the range to shoot and can just socialize.

The mall ninja got to wear my plate carrier to the range so I can "TRAIN" got to live in situational awareness level 1 i don't ever hit three even to sleep, i carry one one in the chamber and my Glock ain't got a safety or hammer I am always cocked and on on point..... Those assholes generally speaking either belong to the "like a bike" group that goes out and cosplays once a year to annoy everyone around them or maybe to drop a couple grand on a training class from a "real life door Kicker tier 1 operator" who 50/50 was ever even in the military..... Or more likely still. They own zero guns or possibly a hi point and they like to post comments on line about any regulation is against the constitution, the 2a is my concealed carry permit, castle laws say I can magically transform into Rambo and kill all the bad guys on my property even if they are the government....

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