My dad holding me in 1966 at age 40. By this date life was: Orphaned during the Great Depression. 39 missions as a gunner over hostile airspace in the European theatre of WW II. 20 yrs manual labor in grocery stores in Buffalo, NY. Life was so much harder, and he just kept going and going.

My mom’s almost 60 from Mexico, is widowed, doesn’t know English, and had to leave school at around 3rd grade. She started working banquets at a hotel couple years ago. She made over $70k last year. She owns a home in Nashville proper worth about $400k and is looking to buy another. She raised 4 kids on her own and managed to put 2 through college. She lets me rent a room from her for $500/month. She’s also taken care of me and my daughter. I’m embarrassed to say that because I’m almost 40 and I’m the one that should be taking care of her or at least myself and my daughter. Anyway, all I wanted to say is that it’s still very much possible.

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