My dad and two of his siblings. Early 80s

This comment might get buried but my family gave me more context.

My dad (left) and his sisters (you can see my other aunt's hand or foot in the tree above them lol) drove to see my uncle's (right, no shit) band play when they were doing a Western Canada tour. This picture snapped (by my mother!!) outside the hotel they stayed at.

I won't say the band my uncle was in. They weren't hugely successful. But my uncle had some brushes with greatness. His band once opened for KISS on a wild fill-in opportunity. He also auditioned for Whitesnake.

All 3 are alive and well. I see my aunt and uncle fairly regularly. My family had such a cool dynamic.

My other aunt being off-camera and in the tree is hilariously on-brand.

They ranged from 20-26 years old in this picture.

That's all I have. Glad you all enjoyed it.

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