German-born director William Wyler during his 1942-1945 service in the United States Army Air Corps. Wyler made three of the enduring movies of the World War II era: the pro-British Mrs. Miniver, the flight crew documentary Memphis Belle, and The Best Years of Our Lives about returning vets.

From an article I found about William Wyler's wartime service:

Wyler joined the USAAF to ‘see if I could make a film that would help the war effort in some small way.’ He made a film which focussed on the final, 25th mission of one aircraft and crew – Captain Robert Morgan’s B-17 ‘Memphis Belle’. Wyler recalled the difficulty of filming the live action: ‘things happen so fast… Messerschmitts and Focke-Wulfs coming at you and you would try to get all this on film. You forget that they’re shooting at you at the same time!’ When President Roosevelt saw the finished film, he said to Wyler: ‘This has to be shown, right away. Everywhere.’

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