Help! I might be having regrets about my purchase!!

It definitely did, but it also said it could be trained out. What it really comes down to is patience though. Obviously they are great birds that many people love, but in this case I just don't think the patience is there to try train it out. And the other person who replied said that they had to cover their controller with a blanket so the bird couldn't get it. That's not training it out. That's a bandaid fix. That's not something that could be done in this case.

And honestly it's not the only reason he's thinking of selling it. There are many issues. Because we have dogs (and one that wants nothing more than to destroy the bird), we can only have the bird in the office with the door closed.

For the past month the dogs have been off because it's a big change for them to have their 'dad' behind a closed door all evening spending time with the bird. It's weird for me too. I've gotten pretty lonely. I go in there occasionally to visit, but I happen to be scared of birds flying. And so I'm not very comfortable in there.

Which is also another problem. I was 100% supportive of him getting the bird, but if he is home late or gone I cannot spend that time with the bird. He loves my hair but does not like getting off of me. So it makes me really anxious.

If it was just some destructive behavior, like it said when we researched it, I don't think rehoming would be our answer here. But with everything combined it's really stressful for him.

I want him happy, so I want to make sure he's thinking of what's going to be best for both of him. This morning when we had breakfast we talked about it, and lots of the replies on here had got to him and he said he was going to keep the bird. But we talked about it and I don't think he is wanting to for the right reasons. I think after reading the responses here he felt guilted into keeping it. (for example, "he probably adores you... You will break his heart if you give him away") I don't agree with that. At all. He spends 3-5+ hours a day with the bird right now and things aren't the greatest. There's not much more he can do. He's tried a lot of things. I just don't think it's a good fit, but I want him to come to the decision himself, for what's best for him and what's best for the bird.

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