Hey, looking for feedback for an app Casting to the People, it's on app store and is our open beta, it's free to apply through our 'casting coins' which you always will get free at beginning of the month plus when you invite friends. Feedback! bit.ly/1FP0XR3

thanks for the reply. So a lot of things I realize aren't clear and we need to figure out how to message that. We are SAG members and have been in the industry and have spoken with a lot of actors and worked with that on what their problems are, so we are genuinely trying to create something new and useful for both sides of casting. Not everyone can see everyone's videos, which are only 10 seconds, just to give a short idea of how someone sounds/looks when talking, like an extended headshot. It's an algorithm that only shows a few auditions randomly and only to those that apply for another role. It just provides a ranking for casting director, because from talking to them, which we have, they get many inappropriate submissions from people who don't fit the type they are casting for at all and they have to scan through 2k submissions, so the voting just provides a preliminary type of ranking that gets rid of a 6 foot tall white male when they are casting a 5 ft. tall African American etc., that's really the only purpose of that aspect, to help the CD, they can still look at everyone and pick whoever they want.

The payment option is in there for future, but honestly we aren't planning on charging at all until we can hopefully get roles that aren't that available on online casting sites. I know it's a tall order, but the goal is that our system will allow us to get the roles that don't get put online, and would ONLY charge for those. That's our goal, right now we don't want anyone to pay for roles that are small or are already on other sites, we don't want to charge for those at all, ever. Which is a better offering for actors, and hopefully get those really good roles one day that aren't really available right now. The social media login aspect and crowd sourcing is to provide value to the CD and production companies. Being able to easily see an actor's social following may not be a hugely popular idea to every actor, but it is for production companies these days, and it isn't the end all be all, but provides that info in case they do want to see it.

We haven't spent a large amount of money, we're just testing things out, ultimately, we are trying to create a new system that allows better roles that aren't currently casted online and make it a viable option for casting directors to post them online--that's where the very preliminary ranking system comes in, to stop MASS applications from people who shouldn't be applying to that role, and also add in some other cool metrics and a more fluid, easy to use system. I know how jaded and skeptical the actor community is, i've been in it, but we're experimenting with a new system that we hope can bring out new roles and opportunities and provide value for actors and cd's better than the current system. I think we have to admit online casting sites suck ass, I've been on set and seen ppl applying from their phones to casting networks, it's a joke, we're trying to update them into the 21st century, that's the goal.

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