Harper ex-speech writer blasts Income Splitting as 'Socialism for the Wealthy'

I think that income inequality is real and I recognize that the wealthy have increased their wealth drastically.

Who cares? Nobody denies that it is. But your idea of decreasing income inequality is all about shrinking the gap to make everyone feel better via equality of outcome. That's why you care more about shrinking the gap between the rich and poor rather than focusing on the level of the poor irrespective of the rich. You're all about taxing the shit out of a group of people who pay the majority of the taxes already in the name of equality. Why don't you personally use extortion yourself and take what you deem to be rightfully yours? Why not? Oh right, it's because you would rather have big daddy government go and do it for you, because you want to encourage the hand that feeds to feed you with more.

If you're looking for sympathy, you're barking up the wrong tree

Actually, it's you who is. Someone has more than me? Better take it! Jealousy, engage!

I donate a significant amount of my paycheque towards taxes and I'm ok with that. I have used and continue to use those services.

Hahaha. Donation implies voluntary. You pay your taxes because you have to, and if you didn't you would have your bank account raided and the money would be taken. Why not pay for those service directly?

Instead of helping out someone directly with your own money, you would rather vote in someone who takes it from everyone so you don't have to give as much. You don't care about the poor. You care about raising everyone's taxes so you can get out of paying for services you use, but then play the card of caring for the poor. If you really love donating your money to the government, why don't you overpay on your income tax? No? Why not?

As jobs have evaporated and federal spending in areas of identified need have funding lapsed, we somehow have managed to provide what is essentially a service that caters to the richest of Canadians at the expense of all Canadians.

we somehow have managed to provide what is essentially a service that caters to the richest of Canadians at the expense of all Canadians.

Jobs have evaporated for all but the public sector, an entity that continues to mow through budgets with salaries, penisons and benefits that only increase, regardless of economic climate. I'm not against unions, but they have moved en masse into the public sector, increasing the costs of a non-for profit organisation to astronomical levels.

I'm not an indigenous person who has suffered so you can benefit

So if someone punches themselves in the face, another benefits? Benefits aren't a zero sum game where all benefits are derrived from someone else's gain. Granted, native has suffered at the hands of people who came to this country before I was born due to some really shitty deals and denials of human rights, but that has nothing to do with me, nor do I agree with the idea that my very existence causes them to suffer more.

I'm not someone who's had food poisoning so you can benefit

That... That doesn't benefit me at all.

I'm not an unemployed Canadian who has gone hungry so you can benefit.

I have nothing to gain from someone going hungry. I do believe in giving to the food bank.

there is no point in having this discussion because you can't relate to those who can't afford your tax break.

Wut. Everyone can afford a tax break. Any person who gets a tax break... pays less taxes.

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