Hey, looking for feedback for an app Casting to the People, it's on app store and is our open beta, it's free to apply through our 'casting coins' which you always will get free at beginning of the month plus when you invite friends. Feedback! bit.ly/1FP0XR3

Yeah I do need to change that bio on the site actually. The site is old, we didn't have a budget for it or anything and the bio was posted for me a while back because, yeah, I did some writing in a variety of forms and was going to do a little bit of work on that end. Even though everything you've seen is shit in your opinion, haha... which is fine I won't defend it. I don't have much of anything online, or anything of substance posted anywhere so I'll try not to take that to heart too much. I honestly haven't been angry at all while typing, just typing quickly and writing very poorly in all respects, thats true.

I get what you're saying about people presenting themselves in pictures and what not, I can only speak for myself. I'm not sure how other people view them and their pictures. I have my own tastes and judgements of people too, but you may be a little bit more critical than most, I don't know. It's good to get an opinion though, never heard that before. Like I said, it's old and we don't have budgets for any of these things so yeah it's shitty right now in multiple ways, point taken.

You seem like a relatively smart guy/girl, I get that you're passionate about not exploiting actors from your other posts. We're cognizant of that and don't want that either, honestly. However we do want to provide value for both CD's and actors. As I look through, many sites don't charge CD's either, there just isn't enough of them for it to matter. But we're trying to just get a community and not charge anything at all, which is why the pay feature isn't even active. Eventually, if successful, we want to try to get those better roles and build out a product that CD's actually do want to use and is better than other sites. Try posting a role on one of the top sites, there's a lot of room for improvement. A CD, Matt Wulf, took us through his whole process online and said that it's pretty rough, so we're still learning what they want and trying to fit in features that make sense. Hopefully we can prove you wrong and come up with something that is an improvement and maybe you'll use one day. I'm curious as to how long you've been pursuing acting? And what you do during the day...you're a writer during the day, maybe?

Didn't appreciate the personal stuff about my background or family and what not, didn't get me mad, I just interact online how I would in person and wouldn't appreciate that said in person to me--which I don't think anyone would say to me if they met me. But I get where you're coming from, and there are valid points you make for sure, I totally get it. I'm aware of all the things you've pointed out and take them into consideration, I'm not blind or arrogant. Interested in seeing some writing stuff of yours though.

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