Hi /r/thelongdark! Please share your weekly playthrough

This week I have started a new life. I started in a ravine near the trapper's homestead and got a rifle and a premium winter coat out of the deal. I couldn't believe my luck. I shot a deer from the cabin and harvested it then cooked it. I made way too much water because becoming dehydrated while you sleep is apparently a danger.

The next morning I woke up drank a litre of water and had some deer. I went outside to see what the weather was like and it was clear and -8 so not bad. I saw a deer and a wolf near the cabin so I scared the deer at the wolf and it killed the deer. While wolf buddy was eating the deer I shot him. Felt a bit bad about ruining his meal but whatever more meat and I was almost all the way to getting those deerskin boots. I harvested both and spent the rest of the day cooking and making boots. I am a little bothered that I can't let the meat cook and go do something else but I suppose the lack of doing things in parallel is there to balance the game and promote time management. I once again made a fuckton of water for the morning and went to bed.

I got up, drank a few litres of water and went to check the weather. It was windy, cold and I couldn't see shit. I collected a little wood and spent the day making boots and boiling a bunch of snow. Went to bed after drinking so much water I was certain I'd have to wake up halfway through the night.

Got up in the morning, drank even more water, had some deer and checked the weather. It was clear. I decided I would head over to the lake cabin. I stuff my face with deer meat and water. I also made sure to leave all of the leather and junk so that I wouldn't have to carry so much on the way there.

I leave the cabin and head to the lake. I see a wolf on the way, shoot and harvest it. I get to the lake as the weather is getting bad and visibility is getting bad. I was approaching the cabin when I hear a wolf barking. The visibility was bad enough that I couldn't see it so I chicken out and run into the cabin. Pretty sure it was right on my heels as I got to the door. I get inside and check around for food. Some pop,beans and a bunch of accelerant is there as well as a can opener. I make a fire from reclaimed wood that I scavenged fro the building without disturbing the furniture and make some water and cook some beans. I go to bed after drinking a whole lot of water.

I wake up, drink a few litres of water and look outside to check the weather. Too bas you can't look out windows. The weather is windy and visibility is low. I figure since the cabins I want to visit are all along the coast of the lake that the visibility doesn't matter. I head out. I get most of the way to the first cabin before the cold really becomes an issue. The wind picked up while I was walking and the windchill is a bitch. I am almost freezing by time I get to the first cabin. It had almost nothing in it, a piece of cloth and tin of sardines. Tiny fish suck. I hate them in real life and I am not certain I will eat them in fake life either but I take them. I head to the second cabin and there is nothing but newspaper and an empty backpack. I am almost freezing at this point so I sleep for a couple hours to warm up. Upon waking I drink a bunch of water and head out. The weather has cleared and there are wolves on the lake. Lovely. I stay away from the wolves and explore the next group of cabins. Not much of value there either. I explore the last cabin and I find some mittens which I do need. I head back to the lake office.

On my way back to the lake office I decide to try something. I agro one of the wolves and lead it to the lake office. Turns out I can either outrun a wolf or am just as fast as one. I get it close to the lake office/cabin and kill it. I harvest it and walk the few meters to the door encumbered. I cook the meat, drink a bunch of water and go to bed. I also decide that this is how I will hunt wolves. Not sure if they get faster on higher difficulty settings but whatever. The next morning the weather is okay so I head to the derailment. I find a dead wolf and a deer carcass. I decide to check the train before harvesting them . There is another rifle and and a dead dude with nothing on him. I mean he's wearing clothes but out of respect I leave them on him. I harvest the deer and wolf and slowly and nervously make my way back to the office. I am almost ready to make a wolf skin jacket now.

I haven't played much this week, only a few hours, so this was as far as I got. I'm ok with this so far. Also the art in this game is wonderful. So many screenshots! I can't wait to get to the lookout which is where I want to head to next.

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