High school student trying to start a business

The funny thing is I’m 20.... pretty sad I gave you the best response

Happy to help. I was in you position 2 years ago. No one helped me out i figured it out myself.

This year I’m projected 20 million in sales :). So I’d like to say I’m a little knowledgeable.

If I were you I’d change your whole concept. Makeup is pretty easy because the consumers are all the same.

I’d say fuck Canada start your business in the states because if you aren’t trying to make money then don’t have a business to pretend to be a business owner. Once you create a market in the states Canada will be a piece of cake.

Your customer base are females I’m guessing ages 16-30.

Marketing wise go with influencers and google ads 100% for e-commerce. A little pricy to start especially at your age so worst case make sure your product is damn good and do crazy SEO.

E-commerce is very very easy. Create a business plan and follow it. What I’d say is a fair and reasonable number for a year. $1,000,000 in sales maybe 30,000 orders. Remember once you get big you’ll need a lot of stock don’t do dropshipping instead get a local 3PL and pay them storage and $1-$1.5 a piece they ship for you. I’d recommend shopify with ship station. Also DHL I find is best and I’d recommend 1 day shipping US wide.

Regarding B2B do cold calls and cold emails expect to send samples since it’s cross border. Expect 3-5/100 to actually order from you once you start.

Let me know if you need anything else I just gave you a brief.

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