Hillary Clinton fainting at the 9/11 memorial

She is also old and on a schedule that would destory most people half her age. Her and Trump are constantly all over the place, constantly flying, sleeping weird hours, etc...

And its not like they're spring chickens. They both have to be in pretty good shape to do what they're doing now. I know I'd be constantly exhausted.

My sister passed out a couple times at work in her early twenties. The doctors basically said, yeah that can happen sometimes. If you feel it coming try to sit down and drink more water. My moms passed out in DC before cause it was hot. She was in good health at the time.

As for the coughing and hacking. I've been doing the same thing this month. Allergies are super bad right now. I can't even open my eyes in the morning without warm water.

I mean I don't like Clinton. But damn. This is fucking mountains out of mole hills shit. She probably just needs a couple of days of R&R, and maybe not such hot clothes if she's gonna be out in the sun for an extended period.

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