History buffs of Reddit, what's a really shitty thing the US did that most Americans won't hear about at school?

I feel unqualified to talk about the issues surrounding the Stolen Generations and indigenous relations, but I would say that the Trevor Chappell underarm ball should be something that all Australian kids should learn about at least on a casual basis, at least to learn from it.

Greg Chappell was the captain of the Australian cricket team at the time, and they came to a situation where the New Zealand National cricket team needed six runs to tie the game. It is possible to score six runs off one shot by hitting it out of the ground on the full, so the pressure was on.

The captain, Greg Chappell, counted the overs wrong. Effectively, every six balls (one over), the bowler changes, and a bowler is only allowed ten overs per game. He intended to have his best bowler, Dennis Lillee, bowl the final over, but he misjudged his plan, and it turned out that Lillee had reached his limit.

Greg Chappell entered a state of panic, and on the final ball of the game, when New Zealand needed six runs to tie the game remember, not to win, he asked Trevor Chappell to roll the ball, underarm, so the batsman wouldn't have a play. Australia had won, but the fans were furious and it arguably the most embarrassing incident in the history of Australian sport.

The thing was, what he did wasn't technically illegal. The competition was brand new and the creators of the competition had forgotten to add in a rule preventing underarms. However, it was very unsportsmanlike, and presented a concerning level of desperation, trickery and weakness.

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