Holding the MGTOW views that you have now, what do you think of your parents and their relationship (Current or past)

Mine are divorced. I am 27, my brother is 29, and they divorced when we were 7 and 9 respectively. My father worked hard, made good money, and always provided. What my mother couldn't deal with was his marijuana habit. It got to the point where she said "you either move out, or i'm taking the boys and finding somewhere else to live." Him being the smart man that he is, moved the fuck out and start paying support so she and us could live in this nice house. soon after the divorce was final.

it. was. fucked.

you cannot fully convey to a child WHY he can only see his dad every other weekend, and WHO is this strange man coming home with mom after a night with a babysitter. oh and also, living with your dad is completely out the question. no conversation about it at all, a vehement NO was always given.

AND then the other side of the spectrum, we had this SWEET place to go every other weekend. no rules, no bedtime, he'd make us any food we wanted, buy us whatever. a couple days after Christmas he showers us with gifts; N64, Playstation, electric guitar+amp and a drum set (HAHA FUCK YOU MOM)

while i love my mom, i will never EVER get married. Never will i ever even remotely allow myself to do this to a child. my mother provided 90% of the everyday life needs, my father provided both 90% of the money, and a shitload of fun on weekends... Until he met his next wife, who was a complete cunt. Had to deal with THAT cunt for another 8 years, until he came to his senses and left her.

marriage is FUCKED. im now watching my friends get fucked over 1 by 1. I have another wedding to go to in June... ugh im gunna miss that guy, hes one of my best friends

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