Just putting this out here

Can confirm. Retired now, but used to be a school administrator - asst. principal at both the HS and MS levels and my main job was being a cockmongering asshole in charge of discipline and keeping the kids in line. The more of an asshole I was, the more teenage girls would be all over me, and I'm not talking about just flirting to get their way, though there was tons of that, but rubbing all over me, grinding, when they could, if I was standing in a doorway they'd go out of their way to slide through and rub their ass against my crotch. Had more than one straight up offer of sex from girls as young as 8th grade. Good thing I'm not a pedo.

Females are just hardwired to respond sexually to feeling scared or controlled by a male - it's a survival strategy, trading pussy for safety or survival.

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