[Homemade] Herb crusted rack of lamb with fingerling potatoes and mint Greek yogurt served with a strawberry and mint sauce

Hey everyone, here is a bit backstory for this dish. "I came up" with this dish basically watching a lot of Gordon Ramsey videos in the internet. And thought it would be a good dish for my competition I was in. I got 2nd place and won a silver medal among 10 other teen cooks.

P.S. It's my first post here. I hope you like the dish. I'm open to any feedback so leave a comment if you like to.I will leave the recipe and a few pictures of myself doing the recipe under this comment


For the lamb

Rack of lamb at least with 4 bones

Dijon mustard

Panko bread crumbs




For the fingerling potatoes

Fingerling potatoes





For the mint greek yogurt

Greek yogurt

Fresh mint

Lemon zest

Lemon juice

For the strawberry mint sauce

Fresh strawberries

Fresh mint

Lemon juice

Notes before the recipe:

This dish is extremely simple to make it's not rocket science, we are not sending a man on the moon that's why I don't have any measurements. You can actually do most of the stuff a day before. And if a 17 years old kid got a reward for this dish you can easily make it too.


Let's start with the mise on place;

For the herb crust basically combine panko, parsley, basil, parmesan into a food processor. Salt and pepper for taste.

For the fingerling potatoes, just part cook them and put them into cold water to stop the cooking process.

For the mint greek yogurt just combine all of the ingredients and mix them with a spoon.

For the sauce, cook off the strawberries in a sauce pan until mushy and skim the seeds. Add lemon juice and zest to the skimmed strawberries and continue cooking add salt for taste (add the mint only when you're planting otherwise they will oxidize and get black)

And now to the actual fun part, cooking.

First sear the lamb on all sites (don't cook it, just get a crust on the meat to enhance the flavour). Put it with the pan in the oven until it gets a internal temperature of 120 to 125°F. Brush immediately with dijon mustard and let rest for 5 minutes (at this point the meat is still raw. We will cook it with the herb crust on it for 5-8 minutes again).

Meanwhile cut the part cooked potatoes in half and sear with butter and the herbs in a pan. Add salt and pepper for taste

Put the herby bread crumbs on a plate and coat the meat with it. Put the herb crusted lamb back in the oven to get a nice crust on it. Take out the oven when it reached a internal temperature of 130 to 135°F for medium.

Heat up the sauce and add mint

And serve as shown or how ever you feel like.

[My opinions on the dish]

Overall I wouldn't say it's anything near perfect but it's pretty good and tasty. It has a lot of fresh and earthy flavour to it because of all the herbs and stuff. The meat is everything you want it to be. The potatoes with the yogurt are complementing each other pretty nice. The sauce is nice and minty. And on top of all that I think it looks good too.

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