Honering my dogs life... RIP Abby Gail January 27th, 8:39PM CST


i don't think anyone cares,but my dog and my cat passed away the summer after i have got back from vacations(me and my brother,parents were at home).When i arrive home from the port(live in island) and the first thing i noticed was that my dog was walking wierdly.I ask my parents if it's normal and they said he is like that for a few days.We take him to the vet and i don't remember exactly what he had because my memories has been almost deleted from the sadness,but he had a virus from those things that attach to the dog's skin and drink blood.He refused to walk or eat, so we had to give his food on his bed,applying it to his foot,so he licks it and it worked for a day or two.After that he stopped eating it and we had to pretty much put in his mouth.Next day of pretty much not moving or eating,we went to the vet again.He gave us a medicine for him to make him pee otherwise he would die from pretty much not peeing.We get home and give him this medicine.He is lying on the floor and on a blanket and after some minutes,he starts shaking and pee comes out of his pee pee and he starts screaming.After 5 seconds from starting he was laying dead on our hands.Same day i have gotten my new monitor and my dad said "atleast something good happened today" to make me feel better.We burried him in the garden with a plant of yucca in which he loved running around it and scratching himself.

After two weeks we need to get the cat to the doctor because she refused to eat or go to toilet and i think she started vomiting.After we get there,she makes some tests with her blood and before the results come(needs a day)she said that she might have cancer.Next day,she said that she has AIDS(she was 5 years old when we took her from the streets,she had AIDS from younger due to ill cats or something)but she says that she might have an opportunity to live longer.Some months or maybe a year or two.We get home and put the cat at an empty room and start giving her the medicines and she doesnt want to eat and we have to melt it with some cat food and force-give it to her.After some days, i go down myself to see her(was to emotionally down to see her before,was crying only thinking of her situation)When i go there,and start petting her, and she starts crying and i immediately start crying myself and my mother says we should leave.I knew at that moment that she didnt have much life left.Next morning,right before i leave for school,my father goes to see if she is ok and finds her dead.Going to school with a really bad mood and pretty much not writing a single word i get home and we burry the cat with her little home made out of styrofoam that she had for some months,to the same place out our garden that was the place that we met here.

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