[WP] Gravity is slowly disappearing and nobody knows why. Describe the days coming up to its total disappearance .

It was the twenty-seventh of January in the year of 2015. Johnny, a veteran lab assistant, at Johnson Physics Inc., was on his way into work. As walked in he saw Dr. Johnson holding is head in grief. He sat there holding his head and mumbling about something that sounded way over Johnny’s head.
Johnny said ‘Dr. Johnson, are you okay?”
He replied back with “No Johnny the gravitational pull on earth has reached an all-time low of -100 milligals and it continues to drop.”
“Dr. Johnson, is there anything we can do?”
“I don’t have the slightest idea but I sure hope someone does. But I do know why it this is happening.”
“Why’s that Dr. Johnson?”
“The Earth is releasing gasses from its atmosphere into space at an incredible rate.”
“That shouldn’t affect gravity should it?”
“Not normally Johnny, but this situation is different; Gas has accumulated in the atmosphere and has overloaded the walls of the earth’s ozone. This gas is one of anti-gravity properties. In nature, the gas is escaping a gravitation setting, that being earth. This is causing a giant hole in the ozone allowing gas into space but also taking gravity from our atmosphere.”
“What kind of gas is it?”
“Johnny. This may hard to believe but this gas could potentially end our existence on earth. All physical properties of earth: plants, animals, and water will be pulled into space and possibly sucked into a black hole.  This deadly gas is completely man made and no other species is at fault here besides man. Johnny… we believe we are dealing with farts here.”
“No! I don’t believe are you?” Johnny cried out.
The Doctor raised his voice, “Calm down Johnny! We have to deal with this situation the best we can and panicking isn’t going to help.”
“You just said we might be sucked into a black hole! How on earth can I stay calm?

“Unfortunately…yes the apocalypse may be in the days ahead of us but we have learned more about our planet in the last couple hours than we have throughout the history of earth. The deceasing of gravitation pull has led to many big scientific discovers and possibly one of the biggest discovers in history?” “What is it Doctor?” “Well Johnny. The scientific community announced the biggest breakthrough in science since discovery of the Higgs particle.” “Oh my goodness that’s huge! What is it Dr. Johnson?” as Johnny’s tone of voice began to sound more curious. “Johnny...A group of scientist at N.A.S.A released huge news in the middle of the night last night?” “What is it Doctor? Tell Me!” “Well, this might be a huge shock to you but they released information that will make us think differently about earth, the galaxy, the universe and the multiverse.” “Get on with Doc!” “Johnny last night we discovered,” as Dr. Johnson dramatically pauses. “That Milky Way Galaxy wasn’t actually named after the candy bar it was just named after some random street somewhere.” “Dear Lord. I need to get home and see my kids to tell them before it’s too late.” “Not so fast Johnny. I have some other bad news!” “Go on…” said Johnny. “As a scientific community, we now all agree that black hole that we believe is sucking everything from earth’s atmosphere is actually the galaxy’s butthole. It only makes sense Johnny. As the farts break though the ozone they will be sucked into a black hole which will cause a massive intergalactic fart. And Johnny what follows at fart?” “A turd?” said Johnny. “Yes Johnny,” assured Dr. Johnson. “So we are turds?” questioned Johnny. “Precisely” “Okay. I need to go and make sure my kids shower. I don’t want to be smelly turds when they go through.” “You make a great father and you make an even better turd Johnny.”

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