PC Gaming in 2023: Paying Full Price for Beta Testing

What they did was basically false advertising

did they really? The way I did understand it was that a lot of the expected features never actually were really confirmed and more like "this or that would be cool", but while the game still was in development.

Thing is: while the state of the industry and messy releases certainly are a problem, the one thing I really don't like in gaming communities is people that preorder/ buy day one anyways and then make a HUGE scene on social media when their expectations are not met for whatever reason and so often all those discussions around those games then are so massively exaggerated because everyone want to be more miserable and angry than everyone else in their outrage on social media.

Biggest problem is when people first overhype games for no reason whatsoever just to then turn the former positive exaggerations into basically hate and negative exaggerations.

It's tiresome.

Maybe I'm "too boomer" for nowadays gaming communities but the one thing I do is:

  1. do not preorder

  2. wait reviews before buying day one

  3. if I still not like the game just refund within 2 hrs

  4. move on with my life

It would be so easy and people not preordering and not buying day one anymore might be the #1 thing that could convince companies to no longer release messy buggy games...but here we are...

...and in 10 years we most likely will still have the very same discussions.

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