Me after today's news

Fair point. I mean , with a 3090 it would make almost no sense that you upgrades , a 3090 can max out every game ? Might need dlss with some , but dlss is si good that who cares.

As for dlss3 i felt the same way as you did. I was lime idk man… Im very sensitive to image quality , ill try it ? But i dont think this will be good enough for me. And my first game wasn’t exactly the best introduction to it. Since it was spiderman , and it gasued some weird artifacts on buildings windows when runing on them. Despite of that , it looked like native frames.

At first i turned it off. But it was so annoying to have a 4090 and be stuck st around 80fps because gpu is at 60% usage ? Because that game is a cou bottleneck festivity , that i decided to use frame gen and get used to some artifacts in the windows. So my first experience was: “Mmm its not perfect , but it definitely is usefull , my now 140fps experience is much better , hooe theh slowly improve the tech , because it definitely has potential”

But then i tried it on darktide , on ms flight sim , on plague tale requiem , on the witcher 3 next gen , on atomic heart , on hogwarts legacy and recently on cyberpunk 2077 and on all those 7 games it works flawlessly. No visual artifacts at all and i was looking for them!!

I also didn’t felt input lag on them.

I could get rrally nit picky and tell you that in some game , it can sometimes have some UI artifacts.

Like the waypoint shimmering a bit.

But honestly the UI doenst bothers me , it jsnt really a part if the world and thet pribably has an easy fix.

Idk i love this tech. And from what im reading in the web , most people trying it , has praise for it :)

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