Opinion on this computer? Found it for a friend of mine, as the reason im looking at a downgrade

I thought this was good value

If i buy it not much of a loss to me as opposed to a $1200 computer

If he buys it, its affordable for him

Its not much slower than my old 2060 which he said would be the perfect card for him

Im not a fan of HDDs but if its a reliable one with decent storage capacity it works for me but he cant stand HDDs even though he has used 3 of them for 5 years he didn't like the 512gb but i told him its an ssd, too bad, its cheap, and you can upgrade for like $120 so he dosnt care now

The 4770, 4790 or whatever it has is a bit slow these days but the 1660Ti should carry it shouldn't be any bottlenecks at 1080p as far as i know

The ram is DDR3 but some of the higher DDR3 is perfectly fine in 2023

My main question is, wont those 2 fans on the bottom cause issues? I know alot about computers but not fans, something dosnt look right about them

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