fuck off i get this every other day

We should not be forced to do stuff in general, Windows making no exception.

I've heard plenty of bullshit along the years, hardware bullshit, like upgrade because cpus are flawed and have security issues despite no one having problems because of it, forced marketing moves like restricting PCI-X 4 and ZEN 3 from x370 (and the latter now working on it, PCI-X 4 was removed from C6H x370 after bios 7306) and software bullshit, like Windows upgrades and restricting DX12 for higher Windows versions. Still the dumbest of all still, restricting Windows 11 from ZEN 1 despite ZEN 1 supporting TPM 2.0 (sti there are ways to install it , working without any problems).

Guess what? I am running just fine Diablo 2 Ressurected and Resident Evil 4 (Windows 10 exclusive games) on my non DX12 Windows 7 after some cracking and tweaking. Windows 7 os so good after tweaking and regedits.

No one will force me to do shit. Is MY decision what windows and hardware i use and everything works on Windows 7 at perfection (unless artificially restricted). I will not blame anyone if i have problems or bugs because of it.

I will not blame anyone if my PC gets hacked because of Windows 7, but it never will, common sense and a good antivirus/firewall will make sure of it.

Maybe hardware/software vendors will come to realize that their artificial restricting of stuff is dumb (i'm looking at you ASUS and AMD mofos with PCI-X 4 on x370) buy i would'nt count on it, either way i will buy less or none from those who do it.

All the excuses to use Windows 11 or different hardware is just bullshit, but in a world of consumerism where you aren't even allowed to repair some stuff is no wonder. It will work on most but it won't work on me.

They will pry Windows 7 from my cold dead hands, at least i have an addfree experience until then.

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