What browser will you be using in 2023? Please justify your choice.


When Chrome was "young" adblocking was difficult and could only be done after-the-fact, as in the ads would load regardless and just be hidden by the adblockers. They found ways around that. Numerous times Google has "cracked down" and adblockers found workarounds.

If Google turns Chrome into an ad-infested cess pool of shit, they're going to lose market share rapidly and they know it. You can bet they're already working with at least the major reputable adblock providers to implement adblocking in the new versions while maintaining the new levels of security. If they're not, then they're more stupid than I expect.

They're likely not publicizing it because they can't be seen as supporting adblockers too much since they themselves depend on ad revenue. But that ad revenue dries up as soon as people stop using the browser and search engine.

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