I hope archers won't be useless because of a vocal minority of veterans

I feel like most vets don't want archers useless. They don't necessarily like them, especially the way they were in chiv, but I doubt they actually want them useless.

Actually I may be overestimating the maturity of chiv players here.

But I think at first in alpha launch balance will be all over the place, but at actual launch I doubt archers will be too weak(parryable projectiles in base game helps a lot, though I suppose that depends on the difficulty of it). I'd be more worried about mods later on nerfing them too hard.

Personally, even though I didn't main archer in chiv(because it was shitty in every way pretty much, and because it messed with my sens in shooters since my chiv sens is higher) I hope they can find a balance that is fun and rewarding to play both as(it wasn't in chiv) and against(it wasn't in chiv. I don't know how much parryable projectiles would have changed this because no one really plays 6v6 anymore now that it's implemented and if they do it's all melee anyways)

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