Horrible company and rude employees. Their mover was extremely rude and lied to our face. They held up the only elevator in a building when the elevator was not booked. The employee was rude and aggressive. When we called to complain they got extremely defensive and rude on the phone as well. BRUTAL

So based on the replies to this post, I’m seeing people in this city don’t give a shit about kindness or manners, and care more about who should’ve booked the elevator or how many flights of stairs the building has. I’m truly sorry I thought people in this city cared about being polite to other human beings, especially when you’re at your job and supposed to act “professionally”. I guess I thought our city was better than this. Thanks to everyone who saw my side. To those who don’t care about being nice or felt that the movers were somehow entitled to be pricks… fuck you all. I’ll take down my post now. Really thought better of this city.

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