How can i manifest my soulmate?

No sorry but that’s complete bullshit what you’re saying. I‘m open to any opinions but that’s just plain wrong especially when you’re talking about me.

It means 1st i have so much love to share and want to give someone my love who will return it because he is ready for a relationship as well. So maybe the universe lets me and the other person gravitate towards each other. How is it manipulating anything? If i had one specific person in mind then THIS could be considered manipulation. But if it’s just SOMEONE who wants love and a relationship too. Like If he pops up into my life maybe he manifested ME? And it doesn’t mean i‘m unhappy right now. I am happy. it doesn’t mean i cannot want a partner? which is the most normal thing in the world.

Ok nvm i don’t want to explain myself to some stranger who disagrees anyway

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