How do I create a spreadsheet that will let me know what shift I'll be working ?

I was previously in a role in which I had two types of work - contract work and more abstract problem solving. I had two separate sheets feeding into a dashboard.

My Non-Contract Work sheet looked like this:

Item Reminder Date Reminder On Cell Code Next Steps Comments
Sample 2020-03-31 NO 12345 Do this thing Background info

The table started in B2, with the header ending in G2.

Reminder On had a formula of =If(C3="","",IF(C3<=TODAY(),"YES","NO")). Then the rows have conditional formatting that checked whether this was Yes or No and highlighted it yellow if yes. The Yes/No is based on whether Reminder Date has passed.

Note that this could have been adjusted to make the check part of the conditional formatting, but it's also used in the dashboard. The column can then be hidden.

In the first Cell Code row, I entered 12345. Then I dragged it down so it automatically populated. This was to give it a unique identifier for my dashboard. If you don't want a dashboard, ignore column. I didn't hide it and instead added conditional formatting that turned the font white if B was empty. You could also just hide it.

Next steps fed into my dashboard. Comments did not. I just wanted a quick reminder and I could come back to this sheet for the full background.

It doesn't sound like you'll need the dashboard. You could probably just add a filter and be done with it. Then you can filter by Reminder On. If you want the dashboard, here's the basis for the Non Contract Work piece.

On the dashboard, I had a table that looked like this:

Cell Code Item Next Steps
Array Sample Do this thing

The important part was the Array formula under Cell Code. It went like this: {=IFERROR(OFFSET(INDEX('NonContractSheet'!$D$3:$D$100,SMALL(IF("YES"='NonContractSheet'!$D$3:$D$100,ROW('NonContractSheet'!$D$3:$D$100)-ROW('NonContractSheet'!D3)+1),'HelperSheet'!Y3)),0,1)"")}

The "Helper Sheet" had a number of pieces for the Contract Work sheet, but the Y column just had 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. descending downward, starting at Y3 = 1, Y4 = 2, etc.

The result was a dashboard that pulled each row with an active reminder, so I could see the relevant ones alongside my relevant contract work.

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