How did you guys find the BIO230 Final Exam

Did you guys pick "inhibitors of Cdc25 expression" or "increase in p21" as potential drugs for cancer? I chose the former as there was some information on the slides saying that polo kinase inhibitors are used as cancer drugs, so it kinda has the same effect. As for p21, I think it's more a response to DNA damage so increasing it might have other effects too rather than just slowing down cell division.

Also for the advice to the student developing cancer model, Did you pick "wait for transcription and translation before noticing cancer" or "you have to inhibit p53 to cause cancer" ? I chose the former as I think Myc overexpression itself is sufficient to cause cancer without needing to suppress p53 as p53 is a response to DNA damage. Unless you say that p53 is also activated as a result of Myc overexpression.

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