How we feeling on this one?

Moraes was ranked higher than Aljo & had viciously knocked out Aljo before.

So, Aldo beating Moraes does prove that he belong as the top contender at BW. Maybe, wasn't the most impressive performance of Aldo's career, but it was against Moraes who had only lost to the last champion in Cejudo & was on a beast of a run till that fight, esp. since he was the fav. against Cejudo & gave Cejudo hell in the initial rounds. He hadn't fallen like how he have at present during the Aldo fight. He was still considered a top contender.

His accomplishments at 145 have nothing to do with his career at 135. Idk if you know this but they're two different weight classes.

They do matter when you are literally the GOAT of a weight class. Like majority of fans won't even be complaining if tomorrow UFC schedules Jones vs. the current HW Champ, even when Jones is coming off a controversial win over Reyes. And, had a pretty unimpressive performance against Santos.

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