How do people go into debt with student loans?

Wait, you're still in college? Seriously dude? You have no job offer, all you have is numbers floating around.

These aren't just random numbers, they're actual statistics. I know people already in the industry as well (the one I'm going into at least )

My local community college costs almost $1500 per class

Where do you live that it costs that much? Community college classes here cost around $300. And why not apply for aid if you can't afford it? Or get a scholarship?

That's the cheapest there is here so please share how people can get a 4 year degree for $13k?

That's what the cost is after aid. It's $30k without aid which even though is not going to be a problem for me personally given that my career starting salary pays a minimum of $70k.

Hope you realize even good careers here have shit wages. You can get your IT degree and about $1k in certifications and you wanna know how much you make an hour? Wait for it... $16/hr.

Am I just supposed to take your word for it? I've done all the research from official sources already. I know people in the industry.

Oh I know a guy and this and that happened for him

I'm basing this off of actual statistics, not anecdotes.

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