How to share internet via Wifi/Bluetooth with Surface Pro 3?

I might be making some stupid mistakes

Two or more arguments in the command have the same name.
One or more parameters for the command are not correct or missing.

Usage: set profileparameter [name=]<string> [[interface=]<string>]
       [SSIDname=<string>] [ConnectionType=ESS|IBSS] [autoSwitch=yes|no]
       [ConnectionMode=auto|manual] [nonBroadcast=yes|no]
       [encryption=none|WEP|TKIP|AES] [keyType=networkKey|passphrase]
       [keyIndex=1-4] [keyMaterial=<string>] [PMKCacheMode=yes|no]
       [PMKCacheSize=1-255] [PMKCacheTTL=300-86400] [preAuthMode=yes|no]
       [preAuthThrottle=1-16 [FIPS=yes|no]
       [useOneX=yes|no] [authMode=machineOrUser|machineOnly|userOnly|guest]
       [ssoMode=preLogon|postLogon|none] [maxDelay=1-120]
       [allowDialog=yes|no] [userVLAN=yes|no]
       [heldPeriod=1-3600] [AuthPeriod=1-3600] [StartPeriod=1-3600]
       [maxStart=1-100] [maxAuthFailures=1-100] [cacheUserData = yes|no]


    Tag              Value
    name           - Name of the profile to be modified.
    interface      - Name of the interface on which the profile is set.
    SSIDname       - SSID of the wireless LAN, maximum length is 32.
    ConnectionType - Specify the network is infrastructure (ESS) or ad-hoc (IBSS
    ConnectionMode - Connecting to network automatic or manually.
                     Must be manual if connection type is IBSS.
    autoSwitch     - The roaming behavior of an auto-connected network
                     when a more preferred network is in range.
    nonBroadcast   - Whether to connect to a hidden network.
    authentication - The authentication type to be used.
    encryption     - The encryption method to be used.
    keyType        - Whether the shared key is a network key or a passphrase.
    keyIndex       - The key index should be used to encrypt wireless traffic.
    keyMaterial    - The network key or pasphrase.
    PMKCacheMode   - Whether PMK caching will be used. Only valid for WPA2 netwo
    PMKCacheSize   - The number of entries in the PMK cache on the client.
    PMKCacheTTL    - The length of time in seconds, that a PMK cache will be kep
    preAuthMode    - Whether preauthentication will be used. Only valid for WPA2
    preAuthThrottle - The number of reauthentication attempts to try on neighbor
ing APs.
    FIPS           - Enable or Disable FIPS mode.
    useOneX         - Whether 802.1X authentication is used.
    authMode       - Type of credentials to be used for authentication.
    ssoMode        - Type of single sign on to be attempted if any.
    maxDelay       - Timeout value to establish single sign on connection.
    allowDialog    - Allow or Disallow a dialog to be shown for preLogon.
    userVLAN       - Specify if the network switches to a different VLAN on user
    heldPeriod     - The interval time between two attempt authentications, in s
    AuthPeriod     - The maximum time, in seconds, a client waits for a response
 from the authenticator.
    StartPeriod    - The length of time, in seconds, to wait before an EAPOL-Sta
    maxStart       - The maximum number of EAPOL-Start messages sent.
    maxAuthFailures - The maximum number of authentication failures allowed
                     for a set of credentials.
    cacheUserData -  Whether the user credentials are cached for subsequent use.

    cost          -  The cost associated with the profile.


    Modifies the specified profile. If the interface is specified then
    only the profile on that interface is modified.

    The name parameter is required. At least one other parameter besides
    profile name and interface must also be specified.


    set profileparameter name=Profile1 authMode=userOnly ssoMode=preLogon
    set profileparameter name=Profile2 ssoMode=none fips=yes

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