Rich White Covid Castle host threatens instagrammer documenting the aftermath

I feel that. I guess I do wonder if Zayn were some white dude doing the same scams if that account would feel as empowered to try and publicly roast him? Like I don’t think there’s a shortage of scammy white men in Sacramento.

The situation with the party specifically doesn’t strike me (a white, disabled person) as racist and tbh I think that public shame is the only tool we have left to deal with ableist assholes putting lives at risk in the pandemic!

But the pos_scams account has dedicated a lot of time (months? years?) to bringing down all of Zayn’s dealings and makes me wonder, “Why him specifically?”

Not that I’m defending any of Zayn’s dealings. They do seem sketchy and that justifies scrutiny, but there are also a bunch of other developers and people in the region who are likely doing as bad/worse? So that’s why I’m open to hearing other takes about this. I don’t want to be propping up this account as a hero without thinking critically about the situation.

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