How the Solar System travels through the Galaxy.

The planets and the sun move at the same group velocity (almost gravitational waves move at the speed of light) through the galaxy and the orbital plane is tilted 63 degrees from the galactic plane. We should see the orbital plane (or the paths that the planets take around the sun) moving with the sun at the same speed but there is a delay that is too long and it puts the sun out front most of the time in his animation (except for the extreme orbits). To better visualize it, take a piece of paper and draw a circle in the center - this circle is the sun and the rest of the paper is the orbital plane that planets are attached to. Now angle the paper 63 degrees from your desk and then slide the paper, maintaining the angle, to the right. You can see that half of the paper is still in front of the sun and the other half is behind it. In the video it is much less than half of the planets that ever cross in front of the sun and when they do they are at odd angles. Also, some of the planets in the video appear to be orbiting a cone just behind the sun and never are in front.

Basically, the video suggests that some of the planets have vortex orbits rather than heliocentric orbits. I am not sure why he thinks that but maybe it has to do with the delay caused by the finite speed of gravitational radiation? For example, if the sun moves in an unexpected direction our orbit wouldn't change for 8 min or so. However, if this is what he thinks it is wrong because the sun isn't dragging the planets along, rather, they all move together because the gas and debris that formed our solar system had a group velocity from the get go.

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