How do I tell if my husband's therapist is good or not?

I wasn't really asking for a play by play, I realize that I worded it wrong. And I did tell him that i never need to know what they talk about, that's not my place. I had asked him to bring up some things that he shut down about recently and let me know what she recommended, and he said nothing after the fact (which is his typical style).

If he actually brought up things to discuss which might be uncomfortable but need to be addressed, then we wouldn't be in this situation.

It might seem like hounding, but in a relationship, communication must happen, right? He needs to learn how to communicate in a productive manner, which is not something he does well. He holds onto things, acts out in other ways, and then I have to notice that he's anxious/high strung and pry it out of him. That's not fair to me, either, so I was hoping that therapy could help because I am certainly not qualified to be helping him with some of his mom issues.

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