It's conga time!

God, I actually hate that I read all of that story. Wow. Stories like that just enrage me. Fuck that bitch of a wife who treated that husband that way. God the wife needs some help. I don't know what it is but being blamed for something you didn't do is just about the worst, most horrendous feeling in the world. Even if I don't know what happened to their relationship in the past before all this dog/son nonsense, that wife to me just seems like the biggest cunt. Accusing the husband of the one molesting the dog in the first place. God, is she a fucktard. Any normal adult could see that a teenager would be the most likely suspect to molesting a dog. With all the hormones and outside sources of influence on the kid the wife should have thought that it was the kid doing it and not the husband. Unless there was some pervy shit that went down at some point in their marriage that he didn't bringing up then I could see why the wife would accuse him. But my god. If I had been that guy, right when that bitch accused me of molesting our dog, I would've left her right then and there. No bitch could have my support in her life if she blamed me of that sort of thing. Oh and that son was completely fucked up. I could see that kind of behavior at age 10 or below. At age 15 and been caught by dad twice.... wow, something wasn't right with that kid. Probably got crazy genes from momma.

Yes, this is totally a one sided view coming from twenty something dude, but holey Swiss cheese, if a woman said the same thing I would accept it the same way. I would have been mad that this guy would be saying shit like that and upset for the wife having to be in this situation. What does enrage me more, coming from a guy's point of view is that this whole situation can cause some serious shit problems for guys/husbands. This wife could bring up some case about her husband molesting the dog and maybe bring up something about how the husband did something to her. On top of that, a lying son saying he did nothing and a wife accepting this and giving people the image that she and her son are okay but not the father. Just a shitstorm of clusterfucks.

Sorry I had to write so much about this. It's just I get so infuriated whenever I read stories about people having a hard time trying to do the right thing and getting fisted because of doing the right thing. I can totally agree with the dad that he would want to keep this horrendous embarrassment from his son and keep things on the down low. I can agree that the dad shoulda kept it a secret for the first time offense and then brought it up the second time around. I didn't agree with him in the fact that he would get therapy for his son without the agreement from the wife. Making a therapy appointment for a child deserves both parental units.

Anyways I could keep on ranting but what is that gonna dooooooo

TL;DR - I hate these stories. Husband has shit wife that needed to be divorced. Son of husband and wife have serious probs . Hope the wife eventually saw the kid molesting it and understood that father was correct. Though... she would have just blamed the kids problems happening because of the dad. Hope kid wallows in sorrow for rest of his life knowing that he was the reason his parents split for touching some dogs dick, lol.

Hope the husband is having a nice life right now free of stuck up bitches and horrid circumstances.

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