If you aren't an American - why are you glad you're not?


Public healthcare. If I break a leg or need a surgery, my life is not suddenly ruined.

Also, cops and courts are not out there to get me for any ridiculous reason. Our attorneys are not political public personas trying to get medals. They do are political characters, as well as judges, but that would be another matter, since the outcome of trials is not always desirable.

But all in all, since we haven't made a business out of sticking charges to people, and taking care of you locked up and paying the courtrooms is more expensive than otherwise, you don't have a reason for being afraid of seeing the cops around in daily life or being stopped. I've been identified a couple on times critical places, they have searched my car and they have also popped up in my place knocking my door and my neighbours. Past the initial wtf, you're just fine. No, you're not arrested for having unpaid tickets, they don't even show up in your file, that's and administrative thing. Having pot on you will be a fine, not an arrest and a property seizure.

Unless you have a search order on you, and those come from criminal matters, you have no reason to believe you'll end up cuffs, or shot, for stumbling upon cops.

But media is exageration / cop hate / whatever !

You know, I have never seen a cop reach for their gun when dealing with anyone. Even in violent demonstrations, where you'll see the worst behavior of cops, all of it will come from using their battons and abusing people's rights, not from using their guns. Night and traffic actions, same thing. They won't waive around guns. For cops to take out their gun from their holster takes a lot. The only people i've seen reaching for their guns have been security guards carrying bags to armored vehicles.

I'm not trying to trigger your political self or for you to explain to me you local ciscumstances, I know why and why not stuff happens. I'm just answering OP's question; if I was pulled over at 1am in a lonely remote road by a scared cop reaching for his gun as he approaches my car window, I'd be really worried and would give myself a 50/50 chance of this ending up bad. If cops stop me in the same circumstances in Spain, I'm just bothered by the waste of time, and if they find anything on me that they don't like, they'll fine me.

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