If you could freeze time what would you do?

First sleep in you have to prepare Then I would learn how to hack into email account’s But first I would send the school district a email saying
Nightmare is going to go to a school for 2 days to test it if he doesn’t like it he will leave and if he stays we will give the school a million dollars (and then I would write a check for a million dollars) I will go to insert school here and first I will find which teacher I like and then I hack one member of the school district email and say (nightmare) will be going to this school for a few days etc and then on the last day of me being there I pause time Make sure no one outside the class will be able to see in the classroom and then make sure no one can get out like blocking the windows and locking the door because I stole the teachers key and I cut the phone wire so the teacher can’t call anyone and then I throw everyone’s phones out the classroom after I lock the door and then everyone is suddenly without clothes and they lost there spare clothes and they are stuck in the classroom embarrassed and then after a few hours boom time freeze I unlock the door and open the windows and they won’t be able to find their clothes and would stay in the classroom I would then get bored and with one time freeze (also we would have food) boom everyone is out the classroom and then they realize the school day was over and then they try and find something to cover up with and then they realize the teachers keys doesn’t work and the gym with spare clothes and everywhere with something to cover up with door is locked (and if you want to ask yes they could use the restroom I’d put a bucket in the classroom a bunch of buckets) and they try to lock pick the doors but then suddenly the lock picks disappear (also I’d put there clothes in the garage and after everyone leaves clean them in the bathroom and put them in the locker rooms) and then they find the gym door is unlocked but still no locker room they find a bunch of beds they think the cops will come but they don’t know I put a time bubble around the school so everywhere else is paused then once they sleep they hear the school door open (the escape door and entrance was locked btw) as the whole school enters they panic and hide but pause (also I put a time bubble around all the people in the school that won’t be worried) all students are in the stage room and all the people that were in my class on the stage

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