If Women have the right to abort a child then people should have the right to Voluntarily Euthanasia

There are types of voluntary euthanasia. My mom did it this september, stage 4 cancer. Im very thankful for it.

That said, a fertilized egg within a few weeks of conception isnt a person. The same way that when you jack off youre not killing millions of tiny little (you)s. A womans right to choose is based on scientific and morally based evidence.

A person who is suicidal can take medication, and not being in their right mind do not have the ability to create informed consent.

My mom for example was almost denied her death because she was in so much pain and on so many medications at the time and they had to test her mentally to make sure she was aware and able to make that choice with a clear mind.

I find your post extremely offensive, short sited and morally inept on so many levels.

And as for anyone smacking their head against a bible do me a favor and just downvote because im not going to respond to your crap.

Once youve seen a 15 year old girl getting harassed by a yelling grown man with a religious sign outside an abortion clinic (as if thats not a hard enough decision for the girl to begin with) it really solidifies ones stance on the issue. At least it did for me.

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