If your lose your job because you’re not vaccinated…

ie, the 2nd category, and not the 1st as some like to pretend.

Sorry to say, but those are exactly the types to vote for people like DT... why? well nothing to do with the belief structures, or libertarianism, but rathe its more about the fact that they are some of the dumbest, and most ignorant fucks on the face of the planet.

Now, if we go back to Libertarian as it pertains to old Barry Goldwater and the idea of "as long as I don't harm anyone else with my shit the government has, or should have Absolutely no say to what I want to do." Weed? who gives a shit? prostitution? whatever happens in private in between two consenting adults is none of anyone's concern. So on and so forth. religion? who the fuck are the fundies trying to push their nonsense on to others via government? However, stuff like Taxes etc comes a split with BG recognizing that for us to be able to live in a functional society we all need to contribute to its functions... same with regulations, need to have an external party set a baseline standard to minimize negative impact of bad faith actors that would otherwise persist in a completely unregulated environment. Think EPA... better off with it than without it.(cause rivers no longer catch fire and shit even if the waters is still fucked)

The this group would never vote for DT... or really any modern "conservative" as they are now. But, you know said particular variety is pretty much extinct these days.

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