If you're thinking of protesting tomorrow, please don't

Agree with OP on the protest. But there's also more reason to why the protest can't be as effective if postponed. BLM movement right now has attracted mass-media and attention, being originated from the US. Hate to admit it but US is like that dumb shit popular friend we all had/wished to have back in primary. It is understandable why people still want to go and protest, but putting others at risk is not acceptable. I do believe that the majority will take precautions, wear masks and maintain hygiene. Social distancing won't work, yes. Don't want to be comparing this to the opening of schools, but if we're sending children to school, why can't adults have the liberty to protest? Might as well just open universities too. I personally think that the protest has attracted more attention & crowd ever since the court declared it illegal. There's a lack for representation for indigenous australians, and I really wish there was a better way to do it. There are not enough aboriginal businesses for us to support. Boycotting won't be possible nor effective. We can also help by not taking domestic flights or not travelling since the news has been "encouraging" australians to travel and boost the economy. Let's try and prioritize.

I personally won't be attending the protest, but no hate to anyone who's going. I hope all of you take care. I appreciate it and remember to stay safe.

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