I'm on day 364 of my 365 day tolerance break!

hey buddy, not sure if you're aware but I made this thread like 3 months ago..

However, I'll still address your question. After my panic attack, everyday life was 'fuzzy' for lack of a better word. I was here on earth, but in my mind I felt like I was in a dream, I'd still get minor, random attacks as time went on, often triggered by absolutely nothing, it was truly hell. This lasted well over 6 months. After that, my mind began to 'neutralize' and I began to become my old self. I sympathize for you and what you're going through, I wish this not on my worst enemy. But alas, you are in this situation and believe me, there IS a way out. Unfortunelty, there's only ONE way (from what I have discovered) and that is time.

2 months is excellent and I commend you for your efforts. Just hang in there a little longer. I'm not a scientist or doctor by any means, but I honestly beleive a major panic attack like that REALLY messes with your brain chemistry and needs time to repair itself.

During my year break, I took measures to speed up the process of my 'brain damage' from talking to a therapist (this is KEY in terms of helping yourself) you can talk to yourself in your head all day (and that helps too) but there's nothing like "getting it all out there" and speaking to another live human being. At around month 4 I made the decision to start taking anti-depressants (as suggested by my therapist) and it worked wonders. I no longer take them because I feel I'm over it (it's been 15 months after the attack). also /r/leaves helped tremendously for support. It's the opposite of /r/trees by the way, I very much recommend it, wonderful subreddit for people like us.

As of today, I have been smoking trees literally every day. During my year break, I learned a lot about myself and what triggered the attack in the first place. I've worked out my issues and have yet to have another attack. My love for weed was found again and I hope it never turns on me again, I love it too much and have forgiven it for what it did to me a year ago.

Stay strong brother, I can't promise you you won't have another panic attack in the future, but I can tell you it DOES get better as time goes on. Please Please Please try to give it at least 6 months before you toke again. had I not of waited the length of time that I did to smoke again I am almost certain i would have suffered another attack again had I smoked prematurely to my 1 year break.

Give your brain a brake and it will thank you later down the road.

Take care

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