I'm really tired of being alone...

I disagree with /u/theslowwonder . I already posted a comment before but this is in response to what the slow wonder said.

I disagree. If he let's himself get friendzoned, it will be a relationship established on lies. She'll see him as nothing more than a friend while he will constantly see her as a person he loves. This might hinder him. He will never treat her as a friend, and he might not even be able to see other girls as potential girlfriends because he will always have her in front frien. And trust me when I say this: now matter how close he gets to her, she will never be as close to him. In other words, he might go so far as to consider her a best friend, while she'll see him as just a friend. She'll hang out with you when you're around, but she won't go out with you as friends too much. And don't expect her to come to you to vent. She has her best female friend for that. In fact, try to stick around with her when she's with one of her female friends, preferably best friend. See who she gives more attention to: you, or her? I guarantee it'll be her friend. And that's why I say don't let yourself get friendzoned. And like you said, you feel like you're getting faded out. That's already a clear indication that she doesn't consider you that close.

I say take your chances. If she says yes, great. If she says no, pat yourself on the back for trying. If you get friendzoned, you'll spend the rest of your life wishing you could go back in time and not get in. You'll say "why did I let myself get friendzoned?" At the moment, you're probably thinking to yourself "better friend than nothing," but trust me, nothing is better. "Nothing" will help you get over her and look for new girls or make real friendships. You will never stop liking her as long as she's right there in front of you. Take your chances. It takes balls, but do it. If she says yes, it' be the happiest day of your life. If she says no, you'll be depressed for a few days but once the period is over, you'll be proud of yourself. You'll be proud that you did this. You'll be proud that you no longer have that issue to worry about. I wouldn't be mistaken in saying all you're doing now is thinking about her 24/7. Wondering if she likes you or not. Wondering if you're getting faded out or not. Wondering if she considers you a friend or not. And while you dread rejection, you hate the feeling of being in the unknown, knowing nothing and living on a bunch of guesses and speculations. Ask her out. It's the only way to end this misery. The next time you see her, you'll think "maybe not. We're good friends. I'll build the friendship." Don't. You're only saying that because she's right there in front of you and she's being nice. When that happens, remember awful feeling of uncertainty you're going through and know that the minute you walk away and she's no longer in sight, the feeling will come back.

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