First job interview tomorrow. Advice?

Have your clothes ready today.

I was an interviewer for recruitment, so I'm not sure about other places but these are the answers I was looking for:

"What are your strengths?" - just be honest, but don't say honesty, reliability or work ethic. They're good qualities but they're an easy cliche answer that we heard from too many people.

"What are your weaknesses"

-Lack of experience with this type of work and possible gaps in your knowledge during the early stages. Also tell them you're open to working on other weaknesses if they are pointed out to you if they choose to hire you

"What makes you very annoyed"

-I'm not easily annoyed. I get on well with most people. Maybe it would annoy me if somebody didn't take their work seriously.

Don't accept snacks or drinks. Too much spilling and choking risk.

If you talk with your hands, that's fine. But if you're just fidgeting while you talk, clasp them together and keep them on your lap.

The bottom of your back should touch the back of your seat. Otherwise you look noticeably nervous.

Otherwise, do some research so you can answer possible questions about the company.

You'll be fine. Good luck

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