Important question to experienced meth users

Note - I don't blame meth at all, for my own behavior. With access to meth via DNM with anyone with a functioning brain, I am sharing my experience.

I've used and abused all amphetamine based prescription drugs (including Desoxyn). After deciding fuck it, can't get prescribed enough pills every month to binge through I figured I'd just say fuck it and go for DNM meth. Well all that self control I thought I would have went out the window after 80mg went down the hatch.
I usually stuck to oral at first but the last run in went entirely up the nose. Stayed up for many days at a time, excessively excessive doses (don't even want to say, ashamed of myself), ruined many computer installations, believed I was actively being monitored, and ended up hating not being high/sleep. I've burned through so many multiple day binges on videogamez you'd shit yourself if you saw my hours on Steam. After how I was using the drug started to negatively affect nearly all aspects of my life and beginning to strip away core humanities and the potential for an erect cock I have concluded. So many strange days, but why didn't this retarded DNM shitposter guy just scale back their use and dose, that's what an effective person with a go-getter attitude like myself who wouldn't let myself be controlled a drug. It would be so simple to maximize safety and pleasure. I am such a safe responsible adult, because I am a cunt that would have had these thoughts regardless of being displayed here in 3rd person.

Because FUCK that shit right back up your ass because I like to get high as a demon off ice and she keeps calling my name louder than when I fist your eldery grandmother's half functioning rectum for me to have another rail.

However do as you please as your spiritual liberties are yours to defile, but I'm sure their are some filthy harlots out their that didn't have a soul before using methamphetamine therefore will not be able to detect the trade-off between the two so some will dismiss me as a cunt from whole foods trying disbar meth, I just want my fellow tweakers to periodically evaluate the trade off and what true benefits it gives you. I speak mainly to hedonistic motherfuckers like myself whose will is not that strong over the ice and start to lose control over executive decisions made by the ice like sneaking across the street in the midst of the moonlight to engage in romance with a consenting goat although that's a love story akin to Romeo & Juliet so I will stop there and save it for a Independent film that is postponed indefinitely due to some internal affairs, to be withheld and then that notice being withdrawn. BBMC will be transcribing my experiences with said goat because his tenacity is phenomenal and some of the correlations that he draws are so profoundly ridiculous so that I cannot delegate the writing aspect to anyone else despite anything Sometimes BBMC can procure an excerpt that is so powerful I can almost feel the origin of the life force (or at least the existence) right up to the last few pumps into his mother that conceived him (if not concieved with science). His total accuracy at capturing my essence through text based communications is incredible and his services have been rendered unto me when I need them. Meth9000 will be playing the goat i in the relationship, but the project is currently on hold as 9000 has developed a personal relationship with an emu but their acts of love consist of filthy actions, 9000 simply accepting Mark (the emu) to deploy his scat all over 9000’s body. I consider such acts foul and indecent but I can I see why I would submit to it.

Because obviously we are one person, obfuscation is as easy as working on .making sure each hemisphere(s)is the choosing the correct “virtual brain” or assumed identity and firing each neuron to keep it often times doing things extremely counterinvtive but necessary to perform, a couple of examples that identity that are extremely easy to do once you have it down to a tee. Acquiring knowledge of a subject your identity assumes proficiency in A schedule for the accounts to support the accounts that are most important. This gets too easy after a awhile, but does tend to grow tiresome after a while. Get a friend to do it, someone in IT or familiar with process management Make more mistakes that necessary because its an easy tactic. gauging this subreddits reaction I can either craft replies from BBMC or 9000 because this account has absolutely zero “reputation” to prove things about a central account Go back on some warning full throttle on others. A legitimate warning to those interested in ice. Ignore anything after I said I like getting high as a demon, just got bored.

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