Is saying blue lives matter racist?

George Floyd and Breanna Taylor might not have been treated the way they were if their skin was a different color. If breanna Taylor was white, and lived in a upper class white neighborhood, would the plain clothes police officers have executed a no knock search warrant at the wrong house in the middle of the night for a suspect that was already in custody? If she was white, would the officers who blindly fired through the walls of the house in panic have been left un-charged and un-arrested for like 6 months until a national outcry forced action?

Gabby Petito was murdered a few hours from where I live and everyone knows her name and her story. She's white, pretty, wealthy, and dead. Over 700 native american women and girls have disappeared in the same part of Wyoming over the last 5-10 years. Many have never been found, dead or alive. Many have been found murdered, tortured, raped, etc. You don't know any of their names. It's not because YOU are racist, I believe you would probably be as heartbroken by their story as you likely were by Gabby, if not more.

The entire fabric of our society exists in such a way, that the lives of non-white are marginalized and ignored. Until that changes, until police, media, schools, government, and everyday common people CHOOSE to care as much for the lives of the neglected groups, we will continue to have a racist, biased country and systems.

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