So I interviewed at SpaceX yesterday...

Thanks! Yes you do get a tour, or at least I did. It all depends on who your recruiter contact is and also your HR rep. Before I did anything interview wise I was shown around their plant and my hr rep talked to me about everything that was going on on the production floor. I really wish I could talk about it because there was some really awesome stuff being done, that he told me doesn't happen everyday and that I got really lucky on the day I came.

I had 3 different interviews with 4 managers and supervisors and they all were looking to hire passionate people with a great attitude. You could say that about any job I guess, but they all told me they hired people with no experience just because they had a genuine passion for what they did and took pride in their work. At the end of their questions they'll open up for you to ask any questions you may have and I found during this time me and whoever I was interviewing with just were kinda talking casually until our allotted time was up. Just be enthusiastic, ask questions, and have clear precise answers. Be confident.

They're going to ask very specific questions. For me it was specific projects I had worked on at past jobs, they wanted to know what the project was, any problems that came up, if I was responsible for solving the problem or how much input I had and whether or not the project was completed by the target date. I mean, it gets really specific so brainstorm up some past projects you have worked on that may fit that criteria and be ready to answer them. Also since I interviewed for a technical/hands-on position I had a written and practical test/exercise to complete. I can't say that everyone will get this, a friend of mine was extended an offer after his phone interview and he just went out and toured the facility but didn't have any face interviews or exercises to complete.

Oh and for those of you with less than ideal experience that really want to work here, they'll probably hire you. When you apply they ask you if you want to attach an additional file to your resume with videos/pictures of anything that you've worked on. If you can, do this. Hand built RC helicopters/drones are probably the best to use here. If it's your own design it's even better. Include any engineering drawings you may have sketched up.

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