Penn and Teller on Vaccinations (under 2 min)

If autism has the possibility of being caused by mercury and other known toxic compounds contained in these vaccinations it should be pursued until absolutely unrefutable proof is found in either direction. Hiring 2 illusionists and comics to try and present a commercial starting out claiming it's bullshit and shouldn't be looked into because some fucking balls get bounced off a plexiglass window screams propaganda to me. To be the one that propaganda is saying it is okay to sacrifice is something you will never understand apparently. Tell you what, lets flip the tables..

You wake up one day in a world where everyone is autistic, only here it's an injectable substance that causes it. You're the only normal person left in existence and cannot communicate with or trust anyone. Every person you know has lied to you countless times and no matter what you do they don't care. this happens so many times that you have been homeless at times and barely able to eat because every time you left anything up to anyone else they let you down or took your food for themselves. This whole time they simply say they didn't want to hurt your feelings, so they made you homeless and hungry instead. All you wanted eventually was just someone who understood where you came from but everyone keeps just saying what they want you to hear so they can take your stuff to the point you have to shut everyone out 100% or go live under a bridge. You can change this and find acceptance if you take said injection and eventually people will stop shunning you. Would you take that injection or soldier on refusing to give up and refusing to let the shitheads who keep saying you can't survive win? or, would you kill yourself?

Well, I'm damn sure not gonna kill myself and an injection can't fix that IRL.

So basically some shithead conman who is only known for being an opinionated douchebag and making his money by tricking people coming on TV and trying to convince people that the source of this ailment shouldn't be looked at is very fucking offensive. THAT is what it has to do with vaccinations. Or did you just decide to take their side because I didn't sugarcoat my post and you didn't actually read up on the subject of vaccinations and possible bad shit they cause?

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